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Vario 8 AC/DC C/I
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The Vario guarantees a safe vacuum for various applications, in the emergency room, in the doctor's practice or in nursing homes. The versions with integrated battery make the product ideal for mobilizing patients.

제품 기능(특징)

  • Small, lightweight and handy
  • Quiet in operation
  • Can be used with the rechargeable battery
  • High degree of safety due to the safety knob
  • Overflow protection, bacteria filters
  • Constant and intermittent suction
  • Intermittent settings ON /OFF (sec.): 8/4; 16/8; 32/16r
  • Vacuum build-up with innovative QuatroFlex™-Technology
  • Accurate setting of the vacuum with the membrane vacuum regulator
  • Max. flow: 8 l/min
  • Max. vac.: -9 kPa/ -68 mmHg
  • 3 year warranty

제품 사양

Flow Rates 8 Liter/min
Pressure -68mmHg (-90mbar)
Weight AC 3.5kg / AC,DC 4.2kg
100 ~ 240 V
Size 380 X 170 X 285 mm (높이 X 너비 X 깊이)
ISO 9001, ISO 13845
CE ( 93/42/EEC) Classe IIa


Reusable 1L bottle
Disposable system
Bacteria filter
Bed holder
Fingertip tubing
Silicone tubing