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Basic 30
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The Basic 30 suction pump is compatible with all Medela cups and tubings.
Basic 30 ensures a rapid vacuum build-up at the touch of a button.
Basic 30 ensures a working environment that allows for concentration because of its low noise level.

제품 기능(특징)

  • Basic 30 is a high quality, long lasting and reliable suction pump.
  • Basic 30's fast vacuum build-up provides suction when needed.
  • A wide range of accessories offers a complete system adaptable to your individual needs.
  • Ergonomic and convincing design allows easy and hygienic use.
  • 5 year warranty

제품 사양

Flow Rates 30 Liter/min
Pressure : -638mmHg (-85kPa)
Weight Mobile 16kg / Portable 10kg
100 ~ 120 V
230 ~ 240 V
Size 950 X 510 X480 mm
ISO 9001, ISO 13845
CE ( 93/42/EEC) Classe IIa
CE 0123


Reusable system
Disposable system
Safety device
Foot ON-OFF switch
Fingertip tubing
Silicone tubing